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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


On Aquarium, Aqua were "Barbie Girls"; now they're "Cartoon Heroes." A slight change in context for their second album, but, essentially, it's business as usual. And let's not forget that Aqua do this slapstick kiddie-pop thing with a lot more panache than their shamelessly novelty Euro-goons peers. The relentless zaniness of Aquarius may sometimes be cloying, especially those too-chirpy chipmunk voices on "Cartoon Heroes," but there's no denying that this is a pop group that really lives this pop lark--shaved-headed frontman Rene really does talk in that comedy growl and frontwoman Lene really doesn't wear more than a stretched scrap of PVC whenever she leaves the house. This makes Aquarius quite likeable, actually--especially on the slapstick-trance workout of "Around the World," which even manages to squeeze in a brief geography lesson.

Track Listing:

  1. "Cartoon Heroes" (Claus Norreen, Søren Rasted) – 3:29
  2. "Around the World" (Norreen, Rasted) – 3:29
  3. "Freaky Friday" (Norreen, Rasted) – 3:45
  4. "We Belong to the Sea" (Norreen, Rasted) – 4:18
  5. "An Apple a Day" (Norreen, Rasted) – 3:38
  6. "Halloween" (Norreen, Rasted, René Dif)– 3:51
  7. "Good Guys" (Norreen, Rasted) – 4:00
  8. "Back from Mars" (Norreen, Rasted) – 4:05
  9. "Aquarius" (Norreen, Rasted) – 4:22
  10. "Cuba Libre" (Norreen, Rasted, Dif) – 3:38
  11. "Bumble Bees" (Norreen, Rasted) – 3:53
  12. "Goodbye to the Circus" (Norreen, Rasted) – 4:00






NoPass. Enjoy :)

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