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Friday, November 23, 2007

American Pie - Band Camp (2005) - DVD Rip

A spin-off rather than a sequel, Band Camp is the fourth entry in the American Pie franchise, but the first without the original cast. Instead a new trash-talking teen takes the lead. His name is Matt (Tad Hilgenbrinck) and he's Steve Stifler's younger brother (and despite the dark hair, Hilgenbrinck does resemble Seann William Scott--without the impish charm). There's nothing the football playing party boy hates more than bandies, the geeky members of the high school band. After he gets caught "punking" his favorite victims, he's sent to the guidance counselor, a redheaded gent known as the Sherminator (Chris Owen), who recommends band camp as penance. Since Steve has moved on to become a Girls Gone Wild impresario, Matt decides he'll make his own R-rated opus, "Bandies Gone Wild." This means spying on the well endowed camp counselors and other unwitting campers while they're showering, sunbathing, etc. When the not-so-bright triangle player gets caught yet again, his new friends abandon him, leading Stiffmeister Jr. to believe he just may have gone too far.



RarPass: zion


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